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Wood Flooring - American Walnut Flooring

American Walnut  Flooring

We stock American black walnut flooring in natural oiled or polyurethane lacquered finishes. Lacquered will give a rich easy care sheen with just an occasional wipe over . Oiled gives the floor a deeper shade and enables the floor to be rejuvenated or repaired relatively easily. In most cases scratches and scuffs can be removed by rubbing with maintenance oil using a scotch-brite pad. Although oil finished walnut is normally a mat flatter finish, a reflective hard durable sheen can be easily obtained. Blanchon maintenance oil can be easily applied over an oil finished American black walnut floor to give a long lasting reflective surface that can be easily maintained.

Engineered American Black Walnut Flooring

It is worth remembering that this is a softer wood than oak. Particular attention should be given to protecting the floor from damage by furniture feet. Felt protectors can be easily fitted which eliminates this type of scratching. Our walnut flooring is available in solid or engineered. Huge stocks available at the keenest trade prices, and our floors are made from American black walnut, felled from sustainable forestry.

When specifying black walnut take comfort from the fact that US hardwood forests are not only increasing in volume, but are also managed to ensure the environmental values of the forests are protected. It is a beautiful dark and exotic wood with a swirly grain and a variety of subtle shading.

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