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Furniture Protectors & Mats. for Wood Flooring |


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Protection & Repair - Furniture Protectors & Mats. for Wood Flooring

Furniture Protectors & Mats.  for Wood Flooring

Wood Floor Furniture Protectors

Protect your floor from scratching and abrasion.

Protection of wooden floors from scratching and indentation is easy with a little thought and pre-planning ideally before you have your new wooden floor installed.

Ensure that harmful dirt and grit is kept off the wood floor surface by using an efficient matting at all the entrances to the home. Washable cotton door mats are the most efficient type of matting as they are the most absorbant and are usually machine washable. They are also extremley thin which means they can be laid over your floor. If you have an existing mat-well, we stock latex backed coir matting which can be cut to fit into any shaped mat-well.

Furniture Protectors

Protective furniture felt pads should be fixed to all furniture legs that will come into contact with the wood floor. These will ensure that your furniture can be moved easily and quietly without indents and scratching the floor.

Protective Castor Cups with a soft felt back should be used beneath heavy furniture wherever possible. These will protect wood flooring from castor indents and also make furniture less likely to move about on your flooring

PVC appliance trays should always be used if having a new wood floor or laminate floor installed in a kitchen as these will protect the wood floor surface from condensation, and small leaks.

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