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Skirtings & Profiles

Skirtings & Profiles

Our solid oak skirting boards are essential to finish an oak hardwood floor to perfection. All our mouldings are manufactured from USA or European hardwoods. You can order online or collect from our Leeds Trade Counter Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

When you have installed a new floor a 12mm gap must always be left at the perimeters to enable the wood to expand if it takes up moisture. Your options for covering this perimeter expansion are to either to fix a Scotia moulding or beading. However the neatest way is to replace the skirting.

Our oak skirting boards come in a slim line 94cm height, ideal for a contemporary style of room. We also stock an attractive neomission style similar to torus or lambs tongue. This skirting is made in solid oak and is available in 141mm height or 169mm height. The skirting is also reversible if a plain 'pencil round' oak skirting is required.

The style oak skirting board you are going to fit should be specified on your order as we can then select lengths that are free from defects.

The best way to fit or install your new oak skirting boards is to bond to the wall with mastic adhesive such as gun-a-nail adhesive. However, if the wall runs out, or the skirting is slightly bowed, it is necessary to screw the skirting board to the wall. The neatest way to achieve this is to drill through the skirting board all the way through with a 4mm drill bit. Then, using a 9 mm flat drill bit, enlarge the hole by drilling half way through. The wall should then be drilled and plugged, and then the skirting board can be screwed into the wall. Then cover up the recessed screws with our oak skirting board plugs , which can be knocked into the hole with a mallet and then neatly cut off level with a wood chisel.

The skirting board plugs are also essential for the correct fixing of our solid oak step nosings ,

Once installed, solid oak skirting needs to be finished. This should be a similar finish to your new flooring e.g. oil or lacquer. Our skirting boards are supplied smooth enough to finish without the need for a thorough sanding. Just check for any slight staining or burn marks (which will easily sand off) before finishing.

The big advantage to solid oak skirting (apart from it's beauty), is the ease of maintenance. Knocks and scuffs can be easily disguised, and also a natural oak finish means never having to re paint again ever.

We hold a huge stock of solid oak architraves in styles to match our skirting at our warehouse in Leeds. Also solid oak thresholds, Scotia mouldings, step nosing and radiator pipe ferrules.

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