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Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

Hardwood, The First Choice

available in solid unfinished or pre-finished European or American oak hardwood flooring
Ballrooms, dance floors, sports halls, pubs and restaurants and the home

Hardwood certainly answers the need for beauty in your home. The elegant look of a wood floor can add warmth and character to any room. In fact, the natural characteristics of wood add depth and a visual appearance that many other types of floors try to replicate.

Rich, inviting timber hardwood flooring is not only beautiful to live with, they can also add value to your home at resale time. Plus, today, flooring types , options and applications are more diverse and delightful than ever.

As the consumer demand has grown so has the manufacturer's ability to produce better quality hardwood finishes and superior construction techniques.

The result of those advancements is that this type of flooring can now be installed throughout the home and over a wide variety of sub-floors.
A big advantage is that it can be refurbished time and time again. The life of a solid floor is around 60 years and throughout this time, the surface finish will need to be renewed a number of times.

This involves abrading the old finish using a sanding machine and then applying a new primer and top coating of oil or polyurethane lacquer. If the floor surface has become stained and pitted, the amount of sanding needs to be intensified resulting in more of the surface being removed.

Of course engineered wood floors can also be re-sanded, but as these have a thinner wear layer, the life span is more finite.

Improvements in coatings, varnishes and maintenance products are having the effect of increasing refurbishment intervals and reducing lifetime costs.

The preferred method of installation of solid wood flooring, is by secret nailing (diagonally through the tongue) into the sub-floor with barbed steel nails. The best result is obtained by using a flooring nail gun In addition to considerably speeding up the installation, this method will also effectively clamp up the boards tightly ensuring a gap free floor finish.

The character and elegance of real wood flooring makes it a favourite among homeowners. And if you've come here you’re probably more than just mildly interested in having a new floor installed.

Wood is a natural, beautiful and timeless design and decorating element. Caring, consistent and correct maintenance will insure it remains that way. So check out our wood floor protects and repair section to be prepared to have your family and friends "check out" your new flooring.

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