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Wood Floor Clean & Maintain - Amtico Floor Cleaner & Maintenance

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Products For The Safe & Effective Maintenance Of Amtico

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  • Recommended for the safe and effective care and protection of Amtico flooring.
  • Spillages should be cleaned up immediately by first wiping with absorbent paper, and then thoroughly mopped or wiped with Amtico cleaner/maintainer. The floor should then be rinsed and allowed to dry.
  • Amtico floor dressing will help seal joints from moisture ingress and give the floor protection from abrasion and scuffing. 1 Litre will cover 20 sq mtrs in 2 coats. Apply the Amtico Dressing over the floor in even strokes taking care to cover the entire floor. Follow the instructions carefully. Once the whole area has been covered, allow it to dry completely. It is recommended that a minimum of two coats of dressing be applied.
  • Amtico Floor Cleaner is a safe and effective cleaning that does not remove previously applied floor dressing. Four cap fulls per 1/2 bucket of warm water. Amtico is very easy to keep clean. Vacuum or sweep the floor with a soft, clean brush to remove any loose grit and dirt as necessary. Occasionally, around once a week, mop the floor with a damp mop using Amtico Floor Cleaner. If the floor has been dressed, the finish will need to be stripped off and reapplied from time to time.
  • Amtico Floor Dressing Remover is an aggressive floor stripper that is applied to completely remove old layers of floor dressing and grime prior to applying a new coating of floor dressing. 1/2 Litre mixed with 1/2 bucket of cold water is enough for a 20 Sq Mtrs floor area.
  • Table and chair legs can scratch Amtico flooring so should be protected by the application of felt pads to the underside of the feet.

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Amtico Floor Cleaner  & MaintenanceAmtico Floor Cleaner  & MaintenanceAmtico Floor Cleaner  & Maintenance