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Blanchon Maintenence Oil | Wood Floor Clean & Maintain |


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Wood Floor Clean & Maintain - Blanchon Maintenence Oil

£5.98 0.50 Ltr + V.A.T.

Blanchon care products for all types of oiled wood flooring.

Blanchon Maintenance Oil

A fast drying and easy to apply coating that will rejuvenate a previously oiled floor. Can be applied with a cloth, pad or buffing machine. It dries quickly and can be re-coated in 4-6 hours. Applying maintenance oil prolongs the life of your your flooring, prevents staining and richens the colour of your flooring. 1 litre will treat an area approx 35 sq mtrs.

Natural Soap For Oiled Wood Flooring

Use diluted natural soap to regularly clean oiled wood flooring. It is ideal for frequent cleaning, and preserves, feeds and strengthens the natural finish without stripping off oils. The dring time is approximately 15 minutes . 1 litre will cover up to 500 sq mtrs of flooring.

Lagoon Wood Floor Spray Cleaner

Specially formulated for oiled wood flooring. Easy and fast to use with a dry mop for removing marks and spillages on localised floor areas. It leaves the surface spotless and there is no need to rinse.


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Size Quantity
Maint. Oil Nat 1 Ltr 96
Maint. Oil Dark 1 Ltr 116
Natural Soap 1 Ltr 0
Lagoon Spray.50 Ltr 75

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Blanchon Maintenence OilBlanchon Maintenence OilBlanchon Maintenence OilBlanchon Maintenence Oil