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Bona Classic Prime | Wood Floor Lacquers, Oil, Wax & Stains |


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Wood Floor Lacquers, Oil, Wax & Stains - Bona Classic Prime

£44.54 each + V.A.T.

Bona Classic Prime

A fast drying polyurethane priming coat for wooden floors. Designed for use on wooden floors in commercial and heavy wear domestic areas.

  • A one component water borne floor primer. Use as a first coat before application of 'Mega' or 'Traffic' floor finishes
  • Professional results are easy to acheive with fast curing and only 2 hours drying time per coat.
  • Helps to prevent shrinkage cracking and raised grain on new floors.
  • Reduces the darkening or yellowing effect of final coats of floor lacquer.
  • Coverage is about 8 sq mtrs per 1 litre.
  • When re-coating a previously polyurethane sealed floor, a coss linker should be added to the Mega as an aid to adhesion.
  • Our price only £53.68 per 5 Ltr + v.a.t.

Site Conditions

New floors should be laid in accordance with the requirements of BS8201:1987 and the manufacturers instructions. The surface to be coated should be sanded back to bare wood,and be dry and free from sanding dust, oil, wax or other contaminents. In the case of previously lacquered floors, the addition of 2% volume of crosslinker & The Bona Kemi scrad system sanding disc/screen or sandpaper grade No 120 or finer should be used for the final sanding. The best results are obtained by using a buffing machine. Always use a Bona Kemi sleeve for applying the seal or the primer

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