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Wood Floor Clean & Maintain - Bona Kemi Maintenance

£6.65 each + V.A.T.

Especially for wood flooring. Cleaner,polish, polish remover and fresh finish in an economical one litre size bottle. Bona Kemi is the world leader in hardwood floor treatments and wood floor care.

  • Parkett Cleaner has been specially formulated for cleaning wooden floors treated with a surface finish. Easy to use and gives a great clean finish. Dilute 4 x cap fulls to 5 Litres of lukewarm water. Always wring the mop out nearly dry to avoid over-wetting the floor.
  • Parkett Polish is ready to use, water borne and specifically designed for the maintenance of finished wooden floors in both commercial and domestic areas. It provides increased protection against wear and moisture and gives an attractive sheen to the surface without requiring any buffing.
  • Polish Remover can be used for removing Bona's Parkett Polish, Freshen Up as well as many other polishes on the market. Polish Remover is also suitable for removing scuff marks.
  • Freshen Up is a ready-to-use maintenance product designed for the maintenance of finished hardwood and other types of finished wooden floors. It revives a scratched and dull surface giving a newly finished look and protection against wear. Freshen Up contains no waxes which is why a surface treated with Freshen Up can easily be recoated without having to be sanded down to the bare wood again.
  • Our price from only £5.70 per 1 Ltr + v.a.t.

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Size Quantity
Remover 1 Ltr 0
Cleaner 1 Ltr 7
Polish 1 Ltr 0
Fresh n Up 1 Ltr 6

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