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Cushion-Wood Underlay | Underlay for wood flooring |


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Underlay for wood flooring - Cushion-Wood Underlay

£3.28 m² + V.A.T.

A 4mm sound absorbing underlay for wood flooring. A specially developed underlay for the absorption of reflection sound- the tapping sound you normally hear when walking over a 'floating' floor. and also the impact sound movement- the noise transmitted through the floor. This makes it an ideal solution for apartments and bedrooms.

  • The sound is absorbed by the closed cell structure of the special treated heavyweight polythene foam.
  • The construction consists of a high density A.P.T core sandwiched between spun bonded polypropolene and Corona treated film with a moisture seal flap.
  • A high quality British Vita underlay from Ball & Young. Tested to BS2750 (8) ISO 140 (8) and Din 52 210 (3)
  • Ideal for levelling out slightly uneven sub-floors prior to installing a floating wooden floor.
  • The density of 160/Kg/m2 reduces sound to 25 decibels - BS5821 (2) 1984
  • Cushionsoft incorporates a damp proof membrane with flaps and integral adhesive tape to form an effective moisture barrier over the sub-floor.
  • Roll size 11 lin mtrs x 1.37 in 4mm thickness (15m2 rolls)
  • Our price only £3.28

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15 Square Metre Roll 9

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Cushion-Wood UnderlayCushion-Wood UnderlayCushion-Wood Underlay