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Underlay for wood flooring - Depron Insulating Underlay

£4.46 m² + V.A.T.


Depron is the ultimate underfloor heating insulation.

The 6mm thermal underlay panels are made especially for wood or laminate flooring. The 6mm sheet gives the same insulation properties as 360mm of concrete. When used as a base for Thermatec electric underfloor heating, it ensures that the heat is reflected up through the flooring instead of back down through the sub-floor.

Simply loose lay the insulation panels over the sub-floor in the opposite direction to the new wood flooring.

If you need to secure the joints, use the Depron foil jointing tape

It is suitable for use beneath any type of floating wood or laminate flooring including Quick-Step, Pergo, Kahrs & Trakett engineered wood floors

It evens out and covers over irregularities and cracks in solid sub-floors. Flattens out old worn floorboards without the need to overlay with plywood.

Depron is manufactured of fully recycled material, free from freon and halogen. The sheet is produced of foamed polystyrene, a material that does not age. The cell structure in the sheet is built up of fine, closed cells that give it its excellent physical and mechanical characteristics. An insulation capacity that saves energy The special cell structure means that the sheet does not conduct heat. Laying Depron on the floor means that heat will instead, be effectively reflected back towards the floor surface.

As "waste heat" is taken care of, you utilise energy in an effective manner and thereby lower your energy consumption. Effective protection against damp and cold Depron not only takes care of the heat, it is also an effective guard against the cold and damp. The material is resistant to cement, plaster and most alkalis, however, not against organic solvents. It is water repellent – does not rot or go mouldy. In addition the sheets have a sound insulating effect, which makes the floor "quieter" to walk on.

Increase the effect of the floor heating by using a double layer (12mm thickness) The insulation sheets are easily laid beneath the heating on the existing sub-floor and the floor heating foil.

This gives not only a smooth and protective underlay but also increases the effect of the floor heating.

  • Depron has a high insulation capacity
  • Depron reflects heat
  • Depron blocks out damp and cold
  • Depron has a high step sound insulation
  • Depron is environmentally friendly.
  • Depron does not age, rot, or go mouldy
  • Depron is resistant to cement, calcium, plaster, alkalis

Depron is light to handle and easily cut to shape with a Stanley knife. Channels for wiring can be accurately cut in.

Depron panels are 0.80m x 1.25m x 6mm available to buy by the square metre making it an extremely cost effective underlayment. Minimum order 8 Sq Mtrs for free next day delivery

Use Aluminium Foil Tape to join the panels over a concrete floor for thermal insulation and moisture sealing. 1 roll is enough to do 20-25 sheets. A damp screen is still required over the sub-floor when using Depron for underfloor heating.

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Depron  Insulating UnderlayDepron  Insulating UnderlayDepron  Insulating Underlay