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Electric underfloor heating for wood or laminate flooring | Heating For Wood Or Tiled Flooring |


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Heating For Wood Or Tiled Flooring - Electric underfloor heating for wood or laminate flooring

£91.91 0-4.79m2 + V.A.T.

Now you can buy electric underfloor heating direct from the factory price. An economicalelectric underfloor heating system in a made to measure pre-wired system. Thermatec can be installed quickly and easily to any shape of room without any wiring or connections. Each electric underfloor heating system is custom made in our factory to fit your room.

The underfloor heating elements come in one easy to handle piece with everything pre-wired and connected. It simply opens out over the underlay to fit the floor area exactly before you install your wood flooring

We heat and resistance test every underfloor heating system at our factory during manufacturing and then again before despatch to ensure there are no hold ups to your installation. This means you can install your flooring over the heated panels and just employ an electrician to make the final two wire connection to the supply though an R.C.D. This will make a considerable saving in time and costs.

Heated Floor Luxury

Our Underfloor Heating has low running costs, and is direct from the factory price. An electric underfloor heating system that combines increased comfort and energy savings.
Beautiful but cold suraces such as wood and laminate can be transformed into inviting warm floors even on the coldest days

Our Thermatec© low cost underfloor heating system is a healthy and comfortable alternative to conventional heating. The element is less than 1mm in thickness, and sits directly beneath your new wood or laminate flooring. It provides an even temperature across the whole of the floor area so you can use every part of the room comfortably.

Furniture can be positioned exactly where you would like it without the constraints of conventional radiators. The result is a balanced heat distribution with the lowest possible temperature, easy DIY installation, low running costs and high user comfort when you install thermatec under floor heating.

Thermatect Wiring Diagram

Estimating the price of the floor heating is easy and straightforward. Simply work out the square metre area of your room and then select the nearest size from the 'select size' menu at the foot of this page. Order the same quantity of Depron underfloor heating insulation thermal panels, an Aube underfloor heating thermostat/timer and sufficient Damp Screen DPM moisture barrier to cover the floor area both beneath and above the heating element. Thermatec is supplied with an output of 130w/m2.

  • Manufacturers 10 year guarantee on elements and under floor wiring and a one year guarantee on thermostats.
  • For rooms with a higher heat loss i.e. conservatories, we can supply a 160w/m2 upgrade free of charge, this increases the heat generated, simply select from the drop down menu and add to your heating order. This is only recommended with laminate floors less than 10mm thickness.
  • A well insulated kitchen with a floor area of approx. 9 Sq Mtrs would cost in the region of £0.12 per hour to maintain a comfortable room temperature of 22 degrees.
  • Final connection to the electric supply should always be undertaken by a qualified electician, who should also note the resistance check results on the guarrantee document.
  • Our Prices vary from only £91.91 + v.a.t.
    Our unique service enables you to have the optimum fit to your room size with the minimum of fuss. Most orders are completed within around 3 working days from confirmation of plans. Orders are delivered by next working day carrier. The heating panels can then be installed in minutes!


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Electric underfloor heating for wood or laminate flooringElectric underfloor heating for wood or laminate flooringElectric underfloor heating for wood or laminate flooringElectric underfloor heating for wood or laminate flooring