Glue Down

Installing Cheville Parquet
Glue-down Method

Before Installation:

Glue down method.  It is imperative that the property is dry, warm and ventilated.  Sub-floor, plaster-work ad decorations should be thoroughly cured before the timber is delivered.
The sub-floor should be thoroughly dry with 2% moisture content maximum, the temperature should be between 16-23°C and the relative humidity between 50-65%.
The floor should be acclimatised withing the property for 2 days without underfloor heating or 5 days with underfloor heating.

Sub Floor

Concrete sub floor

The flooring can only be installed over a sub floor that is flat,  2 mm over 2 metres in any direction.  If you have any doubts over the level of the floor a quick drying screed can be used. The floor should be dry with no more than 2% moisture content.  With new concrete we would recommend using a liquid damp proof membrane (DPM).

Wood sub floors

The flooring can be installed over a sub floor that is flat, 2 mm over 2 metres in any direction and dry with no more than 10% moisture content.  If you have any doubts over the level of the floor you can over board the area with plywood sheets.


For the glue down method you should use a 3 mm x 6 mm V notched trowel or the size recommended by the adhesive manufacturer and hold the trowel at an angle of 60 °.  Spread the adhesive evenly over an area of sub floor that can be covered whilst the adhesive remains receptive (tacky) and gives good transfer.  Place the wood flooring in position and press firmly over the whole surface to ensure good transfer.

Use an adhesive remove specified by the adhesive manufacturer to remove any residue from the surface of the floor.

We stock a number of different adhesives for different sub floors / underfloor heating, speak to a one of our team for advise on which is most suitable.

Please note that a constant humidity is essential to the well being of the floor.  Too much moisture in the atmosphere will call the wood to expand and spring.  Not enough will cause the wood to dry out and shrink.  Our wood is stored an a ambient temperature and humidity and your order will be dispatched at between 8-11% moisture content.  If after installation, the timber absorbs or discharges 1% in moisture content across the floor this could result in moment up to 2.5 mm per m2.

We can not emphasis enough the important of maintaining stable conditions throughout the lifetime of the floor.

Please see HERE for our range of thresholds and pipe collars.

For more information please visit our technical page.