Nail Down

Installing Cheville Parquet
Nail Down Installation

Before Installation:

Nail down installation.  It is imperative that the property is dry, warm and ventilated.  Sub-floor, plaster-work ad decorations should be thoroughly cured before the timber is delivered.
The sub-floor should be thoroughly dry with 2% moisture content maximum, the temperature should be between 16-23°C and the relative humidity between 50-65%.
The floor should be acclimatised withing the property for 2 days without underfloor heating or 5 days with underfloor heating.

Sub Floor

Concrete sub floor

Once the floor is dry and overlaid with a polythene moisture barrier and then covered with 17 mm moisture resistant plywood.  Plywood needs to be drilled and plugged into the concrete sub floor.

Wood sub floors

If installed over existing tongue and groove floor boards the new floor needs to be laid at right angles to the run of the current boards.  A moisture retardant Kraft paper should be laid between the floor boards and new wood flooring.

If installed over a flooring grade chipboard or plywood use a moisture retardant Kraft paper.

Can be installed onto 50 mm pressure treated battens at 30 cm centres either loose laid or foam backed that are screwed into the sub floor.


The new flooring is fixed using the nail down method to the sub base using a manual flooring nailer and 50 cm port nails.  As a rough guide 1000 nails should fit about 25-30 m2 of floor.  The boards should be nailed at 40 cm centres minimum.   Making sure a 10 mm expansion gap is left around the perimetre.

When fitting over 3/4″ plywood or uncertain about heating pipes beneath the existing floors the nail length can be reduced using 38 mm nails.  The frequency of nails should be increased to every 30 cm of board length.

Pilot holes can be drilled at 45° through the tongues and the first and law row can be secret nailed by hand using a lost head 50 mm ring shank nails.

Cut through the architrave to let the floor expand beneath it.  Hardwood skirting boards can be fitted to cover the expansion gap.  If installing up to existing skirting beading can be used to over the expansion gap.

Please note that a constant humidity is essential to the well being of the floor.  Too much moisture in the atmosphere will call the wood to expand and spring.  Not enough will cause the wood to dry out and shrink.  Our wood is stored an a ambient temperature and humidity and your order will be dispatched at between 8-11% moisture content.  If after installation, the timber absorbs or discharges 1% in moisture content across the floor this could result in moment up to 2.5 mm per m2.

We can not emphasis enough the important of maintaining stable conditions throughout the lifetime of the floor.

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