Band Sawn Oak Flooring

£8.69 + vat Sq Mtr

Band sawn oak flooring (surface saw marks)  is a feature that is available as an option on most of our engineered plank and parquet floor ranges. It will give an added texture to the oak surface which can be regularly spaced or random. For restaurant and bar installations, this extra dimension will enhance serviceability by disguising scratch marks, wear, and indents.

The saw marks are traditionally made when a log is cut into planks using a sawing machine. Ths is a little like a large inverted fretsaw. As the teeth of the blade cut through the log it causes a judder. This makes random slight horizontal cut marks down the length of the board. This method of cutting planks was introduced in 1940 and the machines used buttress type saw blades. These were quite coarse but cut through even the most tightly grained oak relatively easily. As a result, however, the marks in the band sawn oak flooring would be far more prominent. With improvements in technology, and using more precision type blades, the saw marks in modern cutting machinery are all but eliminated.

In contrast, our method of emulating the marks is much more controllable because the blade making the cuts is perpendicular to the board. Therefore as a result, by adjusting the size of the blade teeth, we can make the marking closer together or further apart or in the case of reclaimed styles of flooring, make them completely random. Application of the stain or oil onto band sawn oak flooring results in an additional tone in the oak adding a really attractive dimension to parquet or plank flooring. We can use it on nearly every type of flooring in our range – even batch ends in our clearance offers

  • European and Russian White Oak
  • Tongue & grooved  floating or fully bonded installation
  • Multiply base layer
  • Suitable for underfloor heating

For further images of our band sawn oak flooring installations, visit our Houzz page