Rustic Oak Wide Plank Floor

£76.40 + vat Sq Mtr

Wide traditional French rustic oak wide plank floor boards with a long average length and 14 mm thickness.

The surface of the oak has been wire brushed to open up and expose the grain structure.  This helps to minimise the effect of scuffs and scratches and also enhances the appearance.  Knots, cracks and shakes are treated and filled before we sand and finish the boards. Hard wax oil is the preferred choice for this sort of board.


  • Planks  260mm(width) x 14mm (thickness) x 2200mm (Avg. lengths)
  • Bevelled edges to the length and the ends
  • Heavyweight multiply base layer
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • 4mm brushed oak wear layer.

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