Walnut Mosaic 22.84m2

£3,156.17 £1,324.29 + vat 9.29m2

Suitable for a floor or  a feature wall. The mosaic is made up from 635mm x 635mm cross grain squares and are produced in plank lengths of 1.016mm x 635mm.
These are tongued and grooved on the sides and ends. This makes it fast and easy to install and gives a unique highly textured surface.

  • 635mm width x 1.016m lengths.
  • 18mm total thickness with tongue and groove at all edges
  • 4mm pre-oiled  Amwerican black walnut wear layer will just need clear oiling after fitting
  • Easily fitted by bonding to a flat wall or floor using a Silane adhesive
  • Multiply base layer will provide strength and stability