Wood Parquet With Metal

£12.66 + vat Per 150mm x 150mm

Our wood parquet flooring with metal gives you the option to enhance our parquet range with metal-coated squares and strips. These are extra durable and are coated with a polyurethane sealant to prevent any unintended tarnishing and rusting. The wood parquet with metal inlays can run throughout the whole floor or in a  3-1 sequence. This gives maximum impact as we can position the inlays where they are most visible. By doing this it can avoid the unnecessary expense of having the metal elements beneath furniture or fittings where they are seldom seen. In addition to parquet inlays, we can also produce metal-coated planks that can be used as perimeter borders to a parquet floor.

The history of metal inlays is very old. The use of metal within wood or parquet was sophisticated and accomplished in ancient China. This is evident in examples of centuries-old wood furniture with precious metals inlaid. Nowadays, however, the use is evolving alongside newer technologies and production techniques

By contrast, our parquet inlays are of more contemporary design. Made to be used, walked on and stand the test of time in a busy environment. That is why we produce our metals in serviceable textures so that scratches and marks from foot traffic will not deteriorate the beautiful effect. This is in sharp contrast to the ornate and highly polished inlay finishes produced in Russia and the middle east
We can age, tarnish and rust our metals to add an extra dimension and make each piece truly unique.


  • Metal coated squares available in the following dimensions
  •   150mm  x 150mm x 18mm
  •  300mm x 300mm x 18mm
  • Metal coated border planks available in widths
  • 70mm,   190mm  & 260mm
  • Tongue & grooved to match into our parquet blocks
  • Heavyweight multiply base layer
  • Suitable for underfloor heating