Wood Parquet With Stone

£12.66 + vat Per 150mm x 150mm

Wood Parquet with stone is a natural stone coated feature squares and border strips that can be incorporated into our parquet flooring. The finish is natural, durable and coated with a polyurethane to resist staining. The squares are hardwood backed. Therefore natural expansion and contraction of the floor will not be inhibited as would be the case with solid stone inserts. The same cleaning and maintenance procedure as the wood floor that it is fitted within. Vacuuming, dry/damp mopping and periodic annual application of oil care will keep the floor in optimal condition. For further information please see our TECHNICAL page.

  • Stone coated, real slate  or marble effect squares are available in the following dimensions.
  •   150mm  x 150mm x 18mm
  •  300mm x 3004mm x 18mm
  • Stone  coated border planks available in widths
  • 70mm &  190mm
  • Durable and resistant to most stains
  • Tongue & grooved to match into our parquet blocks
  • Heavyweight multiply base layer
  • Suitable for installation over underfloor heating

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