Warranty For Birbek Floors

With a little care and maintenance, our parquet floors should last a lifetime.
Birbek guarantees that our Cheville engineered floors will be free from structural defects for a period of 10 years. The warranty applies to the purchaser and is conditional on the flooring being installed and maintained correctly according to the guidelines provided. Site conditions in relation to temperature and humidity must be met, Should our flooring not perform according to the warranty, we will at our option, repair, refinish or replace the damaged portion of the floor. The guarantee is non-transferable. The guarantee covers the value of the floor alone; no claim can be made for consequential loss or compensation

The warranty is conditional on

• Site conditions before and after installation meeting the guidelines supplied with the flooring in terms of temperature, humidity, moisture content
• The floor being stored, handled and installed within our guidelines.
• The floor being maintained within our guidelines.
• The floor has not been sanded or repaired without our prior consent.

Exclusions to the warranty

• Wood is a hygroscopic material and will expand and contract through variations in temperature and humidity. This is beyond our control, is a natural reaction  and is not covered in the warranty
• Wood is a natural product; colour variations are a natural occurrence and are therefore not classed as a defect under our warranty.
• Damage caused to the floor by over-wetting, steam cleaning, or flooding is not covered under this warranty.
• Any claims made in relation to flooring installed over under-floor heating will only be considered if a recognised monitoring system is installed, such as a Fid-Box. This records historical data and shows levels of temperature, humidity and moisture content have not been exceeded.
• Felt pads should be used beneath furniture feet. Damage such as heel marks, dents, scratches and scuffs caused by dragging furniture or heavy items across the floor are not covered.
• The installer must ensure that the subfloor is suitable for installing onto. and that the flooring is installed according to British Standards BS8201 2011
• Any visibly defective boards that are installed are not covered by our warranty. The installer must check the boards during installation and if any are deemed faulty these must not be used and be reported to the company immediately.

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